Go flat.

Go flat.
August 15, 2005 shoewawa
In Shoes

You may or may not have noticed, but whenever I talk about boots they always tend to have a heel. Now I know that for those who have to walk around a lot all day that isn’t entirely practical (particularly those with a stiletto heel), but I have always believed that flat boots are… well… ugly as sin. It’s personal opinion, but I’m also aware that I need to feature a choice of boots on Shoewawa. If you’re going to wear flat boots, I believe these runched calf-length one’s are the only type you can get away with. Too many flat boots look exactly like normal boots, but deformed, like they’ve just had the heel lopped off at the last minute. These, however, appear to have been intended to be flat, and even I like them. And here’s the best bit, they’re only £19 from Additions Direct. [Toni Stokes]

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