Naughty Monkey ‘Luxury’ heels

Wowzer, there’s a whole load of elements going on with these shoes. Animal print, crochet, leather, wood and what looks like some kind of saddle formation on the back? To be honest Naughty Monkey are hardly one for selling black court shoes and these ‘Luxury’ platform heels are true to form. With so many styles going on I’m guessing these could be worn with a whole lot of items but the real question is would you be willing to spend $83.95 to test that out?

What do you think?

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  1. Nay Nay NAY. I love unsual shoes, but the mix of crochet and rustic plus animal print here is disgusting. The crochet hints at sweetness and the rustic hints at, well, rusticness. Absolutley not. Two styles that are nice by themselves but should never be mixed.

  2. Mostly Nay but I have to say they look good at first glance – if the heel was plain wood and they didn’t throw in millions of different textures they would be ok. The initial impression of the pink at the front and the zebra at the back is quite striking. But it would be better in all patent or something…

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