Ugly Shoe of the Week: Comme des Garcons

Ugly Shoe of the Week: Comme des Garcons
August 12, 2009 shoewawa
In Ugly shoes

As Shoeperwoman observes, there’s been a disturbing spate of ‘footwear with faces’ recently but in the case of these rather upsetting ‘toe’ shoes by Comme des Garcons, the designer has at least got a basic grasp of anatomy.

My problem with these shoes and indeed any that emphasise the toes is that toes really aren’t a part of the body I particularly want to celebrate. Vivienne Westwood just about gets away with it in her kooky animal-toe bondage boots, but the toes here don’t look particularly healthy, and get in the way of what would otherwise be a highly wearable style. Well, chacun sa route

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