No thanks! Topshop ‘lucious’ rope shoes

No thanks! Topshop ‘lucious’ rope shoes
May 10, 2011 shoewawa
In Ugly shoes

Just looking at these high heeled sandals from Topshop is making my feet ache. Having attempted a similar style at some point in the all-too recent past, I can personally attempt that rope is a very difficult look to pull off in footwear, especially if (as here) the rope is what’s actually holding the shoes to your feet.

But all of that is just a distraction from the real issue at hand here: this style is an eyesore! The choice of colours is interesting at best, and the materials used to make it look cheap and tacky. Personally, I’d rather save myself the £80 (and the rope burn) and pick up something a bit more like this rope-soled sandal from French Connection if I wanted to make a nautical statement.

£80 at Topshop

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