Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles To Get You Back on Your Feet again!

Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles To Get You Back on Your Feet again!
February 9, 2017 shoewawa
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Do you suffer from pain in your feet? It could be plantar fasciitis! Browse our comprehensive guide on what plantar fasciitis Insoles to wear that will help to ease your foot pain once and for all.

Suffering from sore, tight and painful feet from plantar fasciitis? Then you are not alone as plantar fasciitis is an extremely common foot injury that affects a lot of people around the globe. It is estimated that at least 1 in ten people will suffer from plantar fasciitis once in their lifetime.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis then one thing that may help is buying some plantar fasciitis insoles that will take strain of your arches and let your feet heal.
Plantar fasciitis is caused when excessive strain and pressure damaging the plantar fascia ligament that supports the arch of your foot. This excessive strain and pressure is usually caused through biomechanical imbalances in your feet thus the best insoles for plantar fasciitis are ones that are designed to correct these biomechanical imbalances and take away as much stress and pressure off the feet as possible. To do this Plantar fasciitis insoles should properly position your feet into natural position, support your feet during the gait cycle as well as give your feet protection from shocks whilst you wear them.
Currently, there are many different insoles to available to buy but finding the right ones for your feet isn’t an easy task so we have created this guide of the top 10 best insoles to buy to buy if you have plantar fasciiitis or want to prevent yourself from getting it.

Our list of the very best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

1. Shoewawa Plantar fasciitis soles

First on our list are our Shoewawa Plantar fasciitis insoles. The shoewawa plantar fasciitis insoles are a perfect choice for giving your feet the appropriate support that they require if you have plantar fasciitis. Firm arch support provides far superior support and is a lot more healthier for your feet and comfortable than insoles that have been made out of softer materials, that is why these insoles have been made to provide your feet with firm arch support construction to give your feet more sturdy and stable arch support.

Our insoles shave also been made to provide the very best pronation control, making sure that your feet do not over pronate or under pronate whilst you walk helping to reduce strain on the arch of your foot as a result. Not only do these insoles help to keep your feet feeling comfy they can also help them to stay fresh too. These insoles have been made antimicrobial EVA material with breathable holes to help prevent the build up of bacteria and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.

-Rigid arch support that helps to support high arches and low arches
-Easily fits into just about all running shoes that have removable insoles
-Helps to correct biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and under pronation when you run or walk.
-Features a deep heel cup that stabilizes your heel and ankle and spreads pressure evenly underneath your heel to prevent heel pain
-Shock absorbing EVA material helps to cushion and prevent shocks from damaging your feet.
-Super light weight.
-Breathable and keeps your feet feeling fresh!

-Needs to be cut to size

2. Shoewawa Sport soles

The Shoewawa Sport insoles are one of our most popular insoles that we sell. These insoles are perfect for those with low to medium arched feet and love sport!
Theses insoles offer a little less arch support than our plantar fasciitis insoles but are lightweight, have excellent shock absorbing properties and have flexible soles that adapt to just about any surface making them perfect for running. These insoles are also pretty good at pronation control which will help to prevent your feet from falling into a position that could cause damage to them during the gait cycle.

-Excellent shock absorption that helps to prevent shock from damaging your feet whilst you run.
-Can be fitted inside just about any type of running shoes.
-Durable and long lasting

-Do not give your feet as much arch support as the plantar fasciitis insoles do.

3. Shoewawa running soles

Shoewawa running soles have firm support and advanced cushioning, designed to improve comfort whilst also providing your feet with optimum stability as well. Secondly, these insoles are great for minimizing or eliminating the pain connected with plantar fasciitis as they help to reduce the strain on the arches and absorb shock.

-Easily fitted into any shoe type imaginable
-The Soft padding makes your feet super comfortable
-Good at easing plantar fasciitis pain


-Not as good as firmer arches insoles.

4. Shoewawa 3/4 heel cup Inserts

These ¾ length heel cups may not technically be insoles but they are still something to definitely consider. These heel cups provide a firm and adaptive arch support due to them having a double layer sole, and a shock-absorbing heel cushion, that also supplies enhanced comfort and stability. Because these heel cups are a lot smaller than normal inserts they can be fitted into just about any type of shoe and can be easier to fit and take out again when needed.


Fantastic at reducing foot pain.
Ideal for daily use and walking.
Can be fitted into most footwear
Gives the heel of your foot excellent support and prevent the build up of pressure


-These inserts are ¾ in length which means that they will not support your whole foot only the heel and arch area.

What is plantar fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a ligament found on the bottom of your foot. It is connects the ball of your foot, to heel bone. Excessive strain and pressure on this ligament can cause it to become damage and inflamed resulting in plantar fasciitis.
There are various things which can lead to the development of this foot condition, however , the most common causes are sudden weight gain, continuous standing for long periods, or biomechanical imbalances which all can cause excessive strain on the plantar fascia causing inflammation.

Since plantar fascia normal job is to providing support and shock absorption, inflammation and stress to the plantar fascia can cause problems for the foot’s normal function. Insoles can help provide your feet with the support and control that they need in order to counter and treat plantar fasciitis.
Insoles can help stop this from occurring. The best orthotic insoles for plantar fasciitis are designed to reduce as much pain and discomfort brought on by plantar fasciitis as possible by repositioning your foot in the most suitable way in order to take stress off your plantar fascia.

To be able to give your feet the most effective and most suitable treatment, here is a simple list of a few things which you might want to keep in mind.

-Usually, it is a really good idea to make your decision based upon what your own feet need!
-Don’t just go with the cheapest insole that you can find. You should focus on buying based on the level of support that they will provide you and not how much they cost.
-Finnd out what foot type you are. Different foot types require different insoles. For example feet that have low arches will require lots of arch support while feet that over pronate will need insoles that correct pronation.
-Picking the wrong insert can in fact contribute to your plantar fasciitis worsening. So, it is critical to pick a pair of insoles that get rid of what is causing your plantar fasciitis.

What to buy?

Individuals with plantar fasciitis need to keep strain of their arches, so need to buy arch supportive insoles. Research have demonstrated that arch support inserts give people with plantar fasciitis considerably more comfort and relief than other inserts that merely provide cushioning.

You will be able to buy lots of different arch supports for plantar fasciitis online or at a local running shop. You can also buy custom inserts which are created exclusively for your feets own specs. You can get a pair of custom inserts from either physiotherapist or podiatrist however these insoles can be extremely expensive. Both off the shelf insoles and custom inserts do the required job of giving your feet stability and fixing pronation. However just because custom inserts are more expensive does not necessarily mean that they are best. Sometimes a pair of off the shelf inserts can ease plantar fasciitis better than the expensive custom insoles given to you by your physiotherapist. This is because custom ones are made from and support your feet based upon a cast of your feet in the position that is causing your plantar fasciitis rather than correcting the position of your feet. Custom inserts may also over support your feet meaning your feet will weaken and become dependent on them. However nonetheless, if you suffer from diabetes or circulation problems, then a pair of custom insoles tailored to your specific needs is almost certainly the best choice.

Prior to buying a pair of insoles, you will need to do some proper research and know how you are going to use them. Runners, for instances , place a great deal of pressure on their plantar fascia in a very different way to how the average individual would. Pronation control and foot stabilization are amongst the most crucial criteria for a runner’s insoles, whilst an individual who just need insoles because they are on their feet all day will find that a pair with arch support and an elevated heel will help the most for them.

No matter whether you are professional athlete or an average Joe with plantar fasciitis, the vast majority of people who suffer from plantar fasciitis will agree that the best insoles are the ones that make your feet the most comfortable! A lot of individuals with plantar fasciitis will feel reasonably comfortable in their new insoles as soon as they start wearing them. However some individuals may feel uncomfortable in them and will need to “break in” the insoles first before they start feeling comfortable. Breaking into your insoles can be done through wearing the insoles just a few times at first and then steadily getting used to the insole through wearing them more and more.

A pair of custom insoles tend to be very expensive compared to off the shelf ones this is because lots of work goes into designing and making them. First of all, your podiatrist will carry out a biomechanical evaluation of your feet and will look at your gait. Then your podiatrist will make a plaster cast of your feet. Then, you will be prescribed a pair of inserts based upon a number of factors including; the shape of your fee, your body weight, how active you are, if you have any foot problems, as well as the type of shoe that you will be wearing with the insoles. The orthopaedic lab is then able to make your insoles, they will usually take 2-3 weeks to do so and then send you them once they are finished.

People who opt for the custom option will usually get a professional opinion regarding the exact causes of their plantar fasciitis and how best to correct them. Whilst with off the shelf insoles for plantar fasciitis the insoles may help to make your foot feel a lot better but will not really solve the underlining problem thus the plantar fasciitis comes back as a result. Wearing plantar fasciitis insoles might also mask a even more severe health problem.

Custom inserts will also usually last far longer than off the shelf insoles, for example custom ones typically have a lifespan of around two years on average. Whilst the the average life span of an off the shelf insole is usually only a couple of months.

Depends upon on exactly where you are located and what your feet require, a pair of custom inserts for plantar fasciitis can cost be very costly!
Having said that, off the shelf insoles cost a lot less, especially for children and teenagers whose foot size can often changes very quickly Research has indicated that off the shelf insoles work better for plantar fasciitis are actually more effective at dealing with underlining causes of plantar fasciitis than than prescription custom made insoles and some podiatrist have also said that too many prescriptions are being given out to patients with plantar fasciitis when a pair of off the shelf insoles would work.

Main advantages

-As stated previously mentioned above a good pair of insoles should ease not just plantar fasciits pain but also heel pain, Achilles tendinitis as well as many other types of foot problems.
-You can usually wear insoles in just about any type of shoe you can think of including – running shoes, work boots casual shoes and also in a range of arch support slippers too.
-Good insoles will also feature a deep heel cup that will give your feet stability, comfort, increased shock absorption and will help to reduce the overall stress on your foot, knees and ankles. Which is essential if you are wanting to rid of plantar fasciitis once and for all.
-Based on on your individual foot injury and what is causing it, insoles can help to greatly relieve pain in a very short space of time.
-Off the shelf insoles mentioned above are often a lot better at supporting your feet than those that come as standard inside your shoes.
-They can make uncomfortable shoes comfy again and mean that you do not have to spend a ton of money buying a new pair of shoes.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What sort of shoes should you wear plantar fasciitis insoles with?

You should wear shoes that have plenty of room to accommodate the insole. You should also make sure that the shoes do not push your foot into a position that is uncomfortable or unnatural which could cause stress on your arches and worsen your plantar fascitis. You can read our shoewawa guide to the best shoes for standing in all day here which may give you some ideas of what shoes to buy.

Q: Do you insoles provide your feet with the right sort of support?

For example if you have over or under pronation you should buy a pair that correct pronation of the feet.

Q:Do you insoles have shock absorption?

Shock absorption really is crucial. Continual Shock no matter how small can overtime shocks can wear away your joints, cause micro damage to develop on tendons and can cause a number of different injuries throughout the body as a result. Protecting your feet and stopping shocks from occurring when walking, running or jumping can be achieved by wearing insoles made from EVA and other shock absorbing materials.

Q: Are the insoles durable enough?

In case you happen to be a runner, athlete, or just very active on your feet, your insoles will need to be made from high quality material that will stand the test of time. Ones that are not made from hard wearing and strong material will wear out fast and will no longer provide your feet with adequate shock absorption or arch support.

Q: Are you shopping for the cheapest or the best?

When it comes to buying a pair of inserts it is best to ignore the price and go with a pair that best fits the needs of your feet. If you choose to go for the cheapest you might find that they do not offer the level of support, protection or quality that you need from a pair of insoles that you will be wearing every day!

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