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  • Jan012016

    Shoes for small feet!

    Everyone knows that feet come in far more real-life sizes than there are shoe sizes, but it’s particularly hard to…

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  • May302015

    Shoe know-how: 5 signs your shoes need replacing

    Do you need excuses to buy new shoes? We wouldn’t dream of encouraging that kind of reckless behaviour, but perhaps…

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  • Aug142014

    Where To Buy Ballet Pumps

    Every girl should have at least one pair of ballet flats in their shoe collection. Get the right pair and…

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  • Aug062014

    The ultimate party season footwear survival guide

    The run-up to Christmas is now officially known as party season and with a stack of engagements in our calendars,…

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  • Nov032013

    The Foot Care File

    It’s a sad fact of life that feet aren’t very nice. That’s why we buy nice shoes – to cover…

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  • Oct142011

    Something for the Weekend: Princess multi glitter wedge at Schuh

    I have a theory that it would be completely impossible not to have fun with these shoes on my feet,…

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  • Mar032011

    What’s in a name: Brothel Creeper

    Shoes sometimes have funny names, don’t they? We often use these words without giving a moment’s thought to their derivation,…

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  • Jan012011

    A fish pedicure review

    Considering my passion for punishing footwear, I’ve come a little bit late to the fish pedicure party. Friends have been…

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  • Jan072010

    Top 5: Shoe Inspired Accessories

    What do you get the girl who has got more shoes then sense? Shoe accessories! Or rather, accessories covered in…

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  • May202009

    Mini Marvels: 5 of the best baby shoes

    One of the best things about kids clothing is the adorable range of minature shoes, based on the popular versions…

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