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  • Feb022012

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: Stringy shocker

    Bits of string on shoes. What’s that all about? In our experience, excess thread is generally supposed to be artfully tied around the ankles, and usually…

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  • Jan122012

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: Betsey Johnson

    We’ve seen some very beautiful shoes from across the pond today, but this ghastly specimen from Betsey Johnson definitely wasn’t there when God created beautiful shoes.…

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  • Jan102012

    Trainer Tuesday: Social Media sneakers

    Social Media is a huge part of our lives, and we all have our favourite hangouts: all of the Shoewawa team are self-confessed Twitter addicts, and…

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  • Jan052012

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: Seasick sandals

    They’re terribly on trend we agree, but it’s mainly the mismatch between unutterably clonky sole and astonishingly high price tag that leaves us cold over these…

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  • Dec152011

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: Metallic mess

    ASOS have a great shoe sale on at the moment: it’s well worth a look, and gives you 40% off some of our favourite styles like…

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  • Dec082011

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: fugly fur

    Ugly shoes fall into many categories: too clunky, too much embellishment, ugly colour clash, inbalance of materials. This offender falls mainly into that last category: fun…

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