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  • Aug232007

    GPS platform soled shoes allow you to keep your belongings in the soles

    I should probably begin this post by pointing out that these shoes were made with the world’s oldest profession in mind. And if you happened to…

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  • Jun222007

    How much would you be willing to spend on a pair of flip flops? Designer pairs, such as these by Claudio Merazzi, don’t come cheap!

    Is it just me, or are designer flip flops a bit of a sticky shoe subject? I mean I’m more than happy to splash out on…

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  • May112007

    Naughty Monkey ‘Luxury’ heels

    Wowzer, there’s a whole load of elements going on with these shoes. Animal print, crochet, leather, wood and what looks like some kind of saddle formation…

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  • Dec202005

    Chloe & Crocs scoop Shiny Style Shoe Awards!

    Thanks to those of you who voted in the 2005 Shiny Style Awards over the last week. We’ve been counting like maniacs, and the results are…

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  • Aug152005

    Go flat.

    You may or may not have noticed, but whenever I talk about boots they always tend to have a heel. Now I know that for those…

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  • May102005

    Kenneth Cole Say Anything

    The sales blurb explains that these cone-heeled flip-flops allow you to ‘speak your mind without saying a word’. This basically means the Kenneth Cole ‘Say Anything’…

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