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  • Dec192007

    Top 10 best party shoes for christmas

     1. Bow-backed ‘Anemone’ pumps When we were putting together the Shoewawa Christmas Top 20, it took us all of about 20 seconds to agree that Christian…

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  • Nov272007

    Christmas slipper for small feet: how to keep your feet warm when you’re size 2 or under

    Lesley James writes… At this time of year, it’s a simple and quick fix to buy cosy, girly slippers as a Christmas gift. For those of…

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  • Nov122007

    Shoewawa sneak preview: Dr Marten’s Spring/Summer Collection

    Now, Doc Marten’s remind me more of rebellious youths than street savvy fashionistas, but even I’m impressed with how they’ve updated their colour palettes to fit…

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  • Oct302007

    Small shoes for small feet – a guide

    Lesley James writes… A lot of fuss is made about clothes size “zero”, but what aboutsize zero feet? People with small feet seem to be invisible…

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  • Aug232007

    GPS platform soled shoes allow you to keep your belongings in the soles

    I should probably begin this post by pointing out that these shoes were made with the world’s oldest profession in mind. And if you happened to…

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  • Jul052007

    Shoe gadgets: Smart Heel high heel protectors

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a nightmare with heels and shoe soles. I drag my feet all the time, and so despite the…

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