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  • Dec032016

    An expert view on sandal sense! How to prevent blisters

    Warmer weather in the footwear world means only one thing: sandals. Sandals are a happy indication that holiday season is drawing near, and it’s great to…

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  • Jun152016

    Shoe Know-how: How to pronounce ‘Louboutin’

    With my impending trip to France fresh in my mind, I’ve been thinking a lot about pronunciation of certain fashion names and how we sometimes struggle…

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  • Jan312016

    Shoes for Valentines: wear your heart on your feet

    Hey, need we remind you that it’s almost Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re eagerly anticipating a romantic night with someone special or are planning on ignoring the…

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  • Jan292016

    Great gift ideas for your shoe-loving Valentine

    Great gift ideas for your shoe-loving Valentine You may not be able to afford the Christian Louboutin heels of your girlfriend’s dreams, but if the lady…

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  • Jan012016

    Shoes for small feet!

    Everyone knows that feet come in far more real-life sizes than there are shoe sizes, but it’s particularly hard to find footwear that fits if you…

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  • May302015

    Shoe know-how: 5 signs your shoes need replacing

    Do you need excuses to buy new shoes? We wouldn’t dream of encouraging that kind of reckless behaviour, but perhaps you think it’s time to cull…

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