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  • Mar152012

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: Nina Ricci boots

    We’ve certainly seen uglier and more offensive items of footwear in this section, but it has to be said that that these heeled loafers have crept…

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  • Mar012012

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: the shoe that swears so you don’t have to

    We’ve seen some pretty ‘offensive’ specimens in our continuing mission to track down the world’s most hideous shoes, but none have taken the ugly brief quite…

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  • Feb022012

    Ugly Shoe of the Week: Stringy shocker

    Bits of string on shoes. What’s that all about? In our experience, excess thread is generally supposed to be artfully tied around the ankles, and usually…

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  • Jan102012

    Trainer Tuesday: Social Media sneakers

    Social Media is a huge part of our lives, and we all have our favourite hangouts: all of the Shoewawa team are self-confessed Twitter addicts, and…

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  • Nov292011

    Little Mix wear custom-made Henry Holland tights

    Here at Shoewawa, we thought we couldn’t get any more envious of the outfits worn by X Factor’s Little Mix – their extreme cuteness is just…

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  • Nov112011

    Peacock patterned tights by Wolford

    Anyone who’s ever owned a pair of Wolford tights will know all about their durability, their supreme ladder resistance and general level of awesomeness, but this…

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