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  • May 5, 2017 at 4:05 pm #15245

    Thought I would just post this mini review to help stop others from being scammed like I was.

    Thinking of buying some insoles? Then I strongly suggest that you DO NOT buy from a site called healthandcare or shoeinsoles which they also own (WOW ARERNT THEY THE BEST AT COMING UP WITH BRAND NAMES). I bought a pair of insoles from healthandcare and they were absolutely terrible and actually hurt my feet rather than making them better.
    I decided on buying a pair of insoles because a few weeks ago I was out running and started to get really bad aches and pain sin my arches I then went to a doctor to see what was up and he said that I had developed minor plantar fasciitis in both of my feet, he also said that If I carried on running without proper support in my shoes the plantar fasciitis would get worse and worse. I borrowed online and read lots of reviews and decided on buying a pair of powerstep orthotic arch support insoles from healthandcare for £30 (which ain’t really cheap if you think about it as insoles are just basically simple pieces of plastic wedged inside your shoes) . After about 2 weeks of waiting for them to arrive they were delivered eventually and I could finally put them in my shoes and start running again… I WISH! When I got them out of the packaging the insoles looked really poorly made and were quite scraggy looking asif a dog had chewed on them. I then put them inside my running shoes and instead of them supporting my feet they seemed to do the complete opposite and pushed my feet into a weird and awkward position that just hurt! Thinking that my feet just need to get used to them I went running in them but half and hour into my run I just had to stop because my feet felt like they were fire. The insoles that I bought which said on the product page that they were meant for people with plantar fasciitis had actually made my plantar fasciitis a lot worse. After I had ran in them my feet were super inflamed and extremely sore and my docotr agreed that it was the insoels that I bought that made things worse. I decided to go see my doctor again to see what I could do and I showed him the insoles that I had bought. When the doc looked at the insoles he said that they were useless and that he wasn’t surprised that they made my plantar fasciitis worse because the design on them was flawed. Angry and annoyed I then tried to contact healthandcare to see if I could get a refund but they refused with a rude and arrogant message back they basically told me to get stuffed. Which means I am now £30 out of pocket and my feet hurt even more 🙁

    With their rubbish insoles and rude service it wouldn’t surprise me if other have had the same experience as I have had with healthandcare. If you have had a similar bad experience with this company than please share below and let others know because it not right that they can carry on getting away with scamming people!

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