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Height increasing insoles are a great way to make yourself taller instantly. These insoles are designed to elevate your heel using a a stack system. Due to the fact that these insoles are hidden inside your shoes means that nobody expect from you will know that you are wearing them.

  • £10.00

    Height increasing insoles

    Ever wanted to be a little bit taller? Who doesn't? There are so many advantages of being taller. Being taller will make you look more attractive and more dominant a boost in height will also help to boost your confidence too! Making yourself taller couldn't be more easier all you have to do is slip a pair of height increasing insoles into your shoes!
    • Increases your height by as much as 2 inches! Our height increasing insoles use a layer stack system to let you quickly and easily adjust your heel height letting you find the height that you are most comfortable with.
    • Absorbs shock. Made from eva shock absorbing material which prevents shocks from damaging your feet.
    • No more heel pain! These insoles incorporate heel cup technology to help prevent the build up of pressure under the sole and heel of your foot by spreading this pressure evenly across your whole foot.
    • Wear with confidence. Nobody will be able to guess that you are wearing these insoles because they are placed inside your shoes making them out of sight and out of mind!
    • The perfect fit! Height increasing insoles can be slipped inside virtually any type of shoes.
    • Added arch support for extra comfort and protection. Each height increasing insole provides your feet with rigid arch support helping toreduce strain on the plantar fascia and keep your feet in a comfortable and natural position to prevent injury to your feet.
    Rated 4.33 out of 5
  • £7.99

    Height increasing shoe lifts

    If you want to be taller then simply put these shoe lifts inside your shoes and make yourself taller. Don't settle with your height when you can be taller! Increases your height by as much as 1.5 inches! Adjustable stacks allow you to control how tall you want to be, add or take away the stacks to find the height that you are most comfortable with. Discrete and out of sight. People will not know that you are wearing these insoles because they are hidden inside your shoes. The only way people will know that you are wearing them is if you tell them. These insoles are extremely comfortable to wear and are made from silicone gel that moulds to the exact shape of your feet protecting them from shock and supporting them in the correct position. One size fits all. Comes with 30 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your pair of shoe lifts then you can send them back to us to receive a full refund!
    Rated 5.00 out of 5