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Pain is signal sent to your brain to help let you know that something is wrong and to stop whatever is causing your pain. If you suffer from diabetes the nerves in your feet can become damaged due to high blood sugar levels in your blood stream which can affect the feeling in your feet. Having diabetes can make you more prone to damaging or causing injury to your feet because you will no longer feel as much pain in your feet as you should. This can mean you might place your feet under more pressure or strain than you should or may have a injury or underling foot condition without knowing it before it is too late. If you are suffering from diabetic neuropathy in your feet one of the best ways to look after your feet is to wear a pair of gel insoles. Wearing gel insoles can help to massage your feet and better circulate blood around your them helping to heal damaged nerves cells and restore feeling in your feet. Gel insoles will also help to protect and support your feet from shock, prevent over straining of key ligaments found in your feet and help to redistribute weight underneath your heels and soles stop pressure from building up and damaging your feet.

For a pair of insoles to work properly it is important that they help improve the the function of your feet and correct biomechanical imbalances. If you suffer from poor biomechanics such as excessive pronation this can put you at greater risk of foot injury and pain. Over pronation is a common form of biomechanical imbalance and is one of the leading causes of foot pain and injury, however the extra support that these insoles give your feet will also help to prevent your foot from over pronating when you walk. The insoles are available in lots of different styles and sizes to suit your specific needs and can be easily fitted quickly and simply into a range of different shoes and boots! As well as wearing comfy gel insoles if you have diabetes it is also advised to regularly inspect your feet for damage and to also make sure to wear properly fitted shoes and socks that do not restrict blood flow to your feet. We highly recommended you to check out our great selection of diabetic socks here.

All of our insoles are dispatched on the same day that you order (orders made on weekends and bank holidays are dispatched the next working day) using the royal mail postal service. Plus all orders come provided with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This means if you are not completely satisfied with your new insoles then you can simply return them to us within 30 days and get a full refund! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Browse below to find our hand-picked selection of the best insoles for diabetics to improve your foot care health and make your shoes more comfortable today!

  • £5.99

    FootReviver™ Gel Heel pads

    Helps to eliminate heel and foot pain and reduce foot fatigue. Main features include:
    • Heel cup technology helps give your feet improved stability to prevent ankle and foot sprains.
    • Designed to treat a wide variety of foot and heel pain causes.
    • Realigns and repositions your foot into a more natural position making these heel pads ideal for injuries such as cuboid syndrome.
    • Corrects the biomechanics and function of your feet helping to prevent supination and over pronation when you walk.
    • Made from high quality medical grade silicone gel that absorbs and stops shock from damaging your heels.
    • Prevents pressure building up under your heel by spreading the pressure evenly and safely across your whole foot.
    • Eases tension and strain on the plantar fascia helping to treat and prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis.
    • Built in heel grips to stop your feet from moving around in your shoes.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • £5.99

    Gel heel cushions

    Standing or being on your feet all day can play havoc on your feet and heels. However, thanks to our new heel cushions that absorb shock, ease tension and rebalances your feet you no longer have to put up with foot or heel pain anymore!
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • £10.99

    Massaging gel insoles

    Always on your feet? Suffering from foot and heel pain? If so then a pair of these gel insoles can help to take pressure off your feet and ease your pain once and for all. Features 1x pair of gel insoles One size fits all Honeycomb design adapts to the shape and contours of your feet providing you with a custom level of support and protection. Excellent silicone gel shock absorption helps to stop shock from causing damage to your feet and lower limbs. Ideal for treat a wide range of foot and lower limb complaints including metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, shin splints, and knee pain. Orthotic technology supports the arch of your foot and prevents biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination from causing excessive strain on key parts of your feet and lower limbs. Ideal for runners and athletes. Ideal for those who are on their feet for long periods. The silicone gel is designed to help stop the build up of damaging pressure underneath your feet and heels by spreading this pressure evenly across your whole foot. Comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose by buying a pair.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5