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What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is an extremely common foot injury and it is estimated that at least one in ten people will develop this foot complaint at least once in their life. It is caused primarily by overuse and damage to the plantar fascia ligament that supports the arch of your foot.

Most common causes

Plantar fasciitis is most commonly found in runners and athletes due to the high level of pressure that their feet must endure. However, plantar fasciitis can also be found in individual’s who possess an underlining biomechanical imbalance such as excessive pronation which can predispose them to plantar fasciitis. This is because biomechanical imbalance place the feet under more stress and pressure than the feet are designed to cope with.


When plantar fasciitis occurs it can cause inflammation and sharp pain around the arch and heel of the foot. The affected foot can also be sensitive to the touch. Baring weight on a foot with plantar fasciitis may also be hard and some individuals suffering from this injury may be tempted to compensate for this by altering their gait which can cause other injuries to arise.

How to treat plantar fasciitis by wearing insoles

There are a wide variety of treatments for this injury that all vary in effectiveness. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis then it is recommended that you properly rest the affected foot and to make sure that you do not put the foot under too much pressure whilst the plantar fascia recovers. You should also get rid of any underlining causes that maybe triggering you plantar fasciitis. One way to do this is to wear supportive orthotic insoles that are designed to correct the positioning of your feet to eliminate biomechanical imbalances.

Choosing the right insoles

There are a lot of different insoles on the market and sometimes choosing the best ones for your feet can be hard. Here at Shoewawa we have a wide range of insoles that have been purposefully made to help treat plantar fasciitis and ease the painful symptoms associated to it. Our insoles have inbuilt arch support that eases tension in the feet and stopping them from over stretching and becoming damaged. The arch support also can help to correct pronation preventing your feet from over pronating or under pronating when you walk.

Our high standards of quality control ensures that we only sell the very best insoles that are proven to treat plantar fasciitis. We are so confident in our insoles and how comfy they are that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Our guarantee means that if you are not 100% happy with them or if they failed to properly treat your plantar fasciitis then you can send them back to us using the return address to get a full refund. The refund includes all postage costs which means you have nothing to loose when ordering. So if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and want to ease your your foot pain then check out our insoles below.

  • FootReviver™ heel pads

    • Provides optimum arch and heel support
    • Gives your feet extra stability and balance where you need it the most
    • Eliminates strain and pressure on the plantar fascia via orthotic compression
    • Proven to help stop heel spurs from developing
    • Perfect for people who are on their feet all day and suffer from heel pain and aches
    • Ultra lightweight and non bulky
  • FootReviver™ motion control insoles

    • Helps to control how your feet function and corrects any imbalances that can cause injury
    • Proven to help ease plantar fasciitis pain
    • Memory foam layer helps cushion and improve shoe comfort
    • Can be inserting inside many different types of shoes
    • Heel cup and pad helps to protect your heels from damaging pressure and strain
    • Great for people who are often on their feet all day and suffer from foot fatigue and aches
  • FootReviver™ over-pronation insoles

    • Helps to prevent over pronation the leading cause of plantar fasciitis
    • Can be worn for general use, sport and/or running
    • Features heel cup and pad to help prevent heel aches and pain
    • Rigid arch support to relieve strain and pressure of flat or high arches feet
    • Includes specially developed metatarsal pad to help treat and ease metatarsalgia
    • Breathable holes help to keep your feet sweat and odorless
  • FootReviver™ Running & sports insoles

    • Ideal for runner's with plantar fasciitis
    • Made from high quality shock absorbing insoles to provide the best level of shock absorption necessary to protect your feet
    • In built arch support helps to keep strain and pressure off key your plantar fascia so that your plantar fascia can make a full and proper recovery
    • Suitable for flat and high arches
    • Can be worn for sports or general everyday use
  • FootReviver™ Shock stopping insoles

    If you have plantar fasciitis shock can often make it worse. That is why you should wear soem good quality shock absorbing insoles.
    • EVA material and solid shell heel cup helps to prevent shock from making your plantar fasciitis worse
    • Features orthotic arch support compression technology to keep your feet better supported
    • Helps to keep you on your feet when you have plantar fasciitis
    • Restores your pronation to the optimal amount
    • Helps to treat a number of common injuries including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runners knee and jumper knee
  • FootReviver™ Supportive insoles

    • 1x pair arch support insoles
    • Prevents your feet from over pronating when walking or running
    • Ideal for people with either collapsed arches or high arches
    • Made from shock absorbing carbon fiber that absorbs shock
    • Solid heel cup shell gives your feet more stability and balance
    • Features a full 30 day money back guarantee meaning you have nothing to lose if you dont like the insoles
  • Shoewawa shock absorbing Gel Insoles

    • Made from medical grade silicon gel that contours to the shape of your feet
    • Gel provides custom support in the places that you need it the most
    • Proven to ease plantar fasciitis pain
    • Helps to correct how your feet function by preventing over pronation and supination when you walk
    • Ideal for people who work long shifts on their feet.
    • Available in many different sizes