Insoles for overuse injuries

Insoles for overuse injuries

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

One of the main causes of aches and pains in your feet is because of overuse injuries. You can help treat and prevent overuse injuries by wearing a pair of these orthotic insoles.
Added arch support to lessen load placed on the plantar fascia ligament found in your foot. Arch support will also help to correct imbalances in your feet such as over pronation and supination a common cause of plantar fasciitis.
Inbuilt heel cup helps to support your heel and prevent strain and overuse of the Achilles tendon helping to treat and prevent Achilles tendinitis.
Metatarsal pads found at the front of the insoels help to support the ball of your foot and protect your metatarsal bones preventing metatarsalgia. Metatarsal pads will also help to realign your toes and prevent you from getting bunions and hammer toes.
Made form shock absorbing materials to stop shock from causing damage to your feet.
Durable, flexible and lightweight makes these perfect for plying sports in.
One size fits all (can be cut to size to fit into virtually any type of shoe)


Overuse injuries are the most common form of foot in jury and can cause mild to sever foot pain depending upon the level of damage to the tissue. If left untreated overuse injuries will worsen and the pain will get worse.
Overuse injuries often are a result of excessive loads on the tissue that is more than what the tissue is designed to cope with. If you have an overuse injury such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis remedying of the damage will likely be based upon lessening that excessive load being placed upon the tissue and increasing the ability of the tissue to take more load. Its that easy.

How do we lessen the load on your tissues?

Decrease activity levels (for example if you are a runner you should think about having more rest days; carry out an alternative activity, don’t run as much each day; generally make use of common-sense).
Apply support tape (for example, strapping intended for plantar fasciitis; ideal for the very short term).
Wear foot supports inside your shoes (provided they may have the best design features that do decrease the strain placed on the damaged tissue. For example, If you have plantar fasciitis wear arch support insoles that are designed to support your feet and lessen the load placed upon the plantar fascia. However, If you have achillea tendinitis wearing insoles with heel cups can help to support your Achilles tendon and prevent pressure from damaging the tendon. Insoles can also help to prevent biomechanical imbalance for example excessive pronation from causing extra strain and load on your feet as you walk.

Injuries are likely to become cured by way of methods that will help treat using the tissue damage of injury such as applying ice to the affected area of the foot or through taking NSAIDs, cortisone injections, shockwave therapy etc . Nevertheless , each one of these will be targeted at healing tissue, and never in minimizing force or increasing the ability to take the weight. However there are things that you can do to help improve your foots ability to take more strain to prevent yourself from getting an overuse injury in the future.

So, how do you increase the ability of the tissues to take more strain but not become overused?

Progressive loading (this is the process that the tissues go through in order to adapt and strengthen the tissue to more load, the increase in loading needs to be beneath an amount that triggers injury, nevertheless you should increase the load to above an amount that nothing at all occurs. Using the good old 10% rule applies in this case: for example you should not increase your weekly distances total run by more than 10% or the length of the longest run by more than 10%; You should make gradual progressive changes for instance slowly changing your running technique or changing to new running shoes. Progressive loading technique is a long-term solution and should be done when the overuse injury has recovered or is close to healed)
-Diet and nutrition to improve tissue health (eg nutrition is important in tissue healing and health; eg issues surrounding things such as weakening of bones.
-Foot stretches that help to build strength in the supporting muscles around the tissue can also help.

Advocating just one particular strategy above another when treating overuse injuries doesn’t make sense. Decent physicians are likely to recommend a number of different treatments rather than recommend a “one size fits all’ treatment.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    After getting plantar fasciitis I decided to buy some of these insoles to see if they could help and they really did. They really went above and beyond my expectations. 2 weeks after I started wearing these inside my shoes and my plantar fasciitis which normally takes months to fully recover is almost gone. I’m so please with these insoles and I think I will buy a pair now for each on of my shoes just to be on the safe side. Thanks!

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