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It’s a sad fact of life that feet aren’t very nice. That’s why we buy nice shoes – to cover them up. Sadly the time always comes when you have to take your shoes off, and What Lies Beneath can be a bit of a horror (see what we did there, pop culture fans?). Winter is the worst time, in and out of thick socks, huge boots and (if you’re really cool) wellies. But what happens when the the strappy sandals start calling to you? We’re dedicating this post not to shoes but to foot care, because there’s no point in wearing nice shoes if you’re just covering up manky feet. Read on for our favourite products for making your feet as beautiful as possible…

Our top 5 products for fabulous feet:

1. The Diamancel Foot File:  (£39)
This is without a doubt the very best tool out there for ridding your feet of dry skin. It’s made with real diamond dust, which will last forever and file away even the worst dry skin. Always use a foot file on wet skin, as the water softens it up and ensures you don’t rub away good skin as well as bad. Start smoothing now and by the time the magazines start recycling their ‘flip-flop friendly feet’ features, you’ll be laughing from your head to your smooth and pedicured toes.
(also available for US shoppers for $48 from Bliss)

2. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme: ($9)
Burt’s Bees products are made from almost completely natural ingredients (this one is 99.70% natural), but unlike some other ‘all-natural’ brands, their products actually do something. This is a foot creme for a lady who’s got time to waste.  Coconut oil is an amazing deep moisturiser, but it does take a while to sink into the skin properly. Just remember, if it takes a while to soak in it’s because it’s getting down really deep!
(also available for UK shoppers for £11.50 from HQ Hair)

3. Bliss Softening Socks: ($48)
If you’re too lazy to rub in a creme and let it work, these crazy looking socks from fashionista-friendly Bliss Spa are the perfect alternative. They’re filled with a moisturising gel-like substance which forms a moisture barrier around the feet as you wear the socks. Wear them overnight and you’ll wake up with sandal-friendly feet. It sounds insane, but it really does work.  If you’re feeling cheap, gallons of vaseline and a pair of cotton socks will have a similar effect.

4. Jacqua Honey Almond Foaming Foot Scrub: (£12)
If you can’t stand the thought of using what is really a glorified rasp on your feet, skip the foot file and use a foot scrub instead. This one uses good old pumice stone to scrub away dry skin on the feet, and it smells a bit like the nougat bit of a toblerone (yum!). Honey is gentle enough for sensitive skins, and almond oil is a great moisturiser for dry skin (particularly on hands and feet), which leads us cleverly onto our final product…

5. Creative Nail Design Solar Oil: ($5.50)
We often forget that our toenails have cuticles too, and there’s nothing worse that a woman in a gorgeous pair of shoes with flaky, nasty looking toenails. But really, who has the time (or money) for regular pedicures? The quick solution is to use this almond-scented skin and cuticle oil, which is a miracle worker on even the driest cuticles. Just paint a bit on, rub it into the nail bed gently and repeat daily to get those nails in good condition for your open-toe strappies.
(also available for UK shoppers for £2.50 from Beauty For Nails)

6. Shoewawa arch support insoles: (£10)
If you are suffering from foot pain then simply putting a pair of arch support insoles in your shoes may help! Arch support insoles help to control the motion of your foot and prevent you from walking in a way that may damage them. Arch support insoles will also support your arches and prevent you from over stretching them (over stretching the arches is the number 1 cause of plantar fasciitis.) You can buy our arch support insoles for our shop.

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