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      I love answering your shoe questions, but as more and more of them are starting to appear in the Shoewawa inbox every day, it’s getting harder to answer them, especially when there’s missing information. So if you’re going to send in your shoe woes for a bit of help, please follow these guidelines to help me out a bit and be in with more of a chance of getting a useful answer…

      1. Please include your location (country will do) so I can choose things you can actually buy!

      2. Let me know as much as you can about the type of shoe you want – price, heel height, size, colour etc so I can pick the best options for you. Throw me a bone!

      3. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s been seen on a celebrity, PLEASE post a small picture, not just a description or magazine page number. Though I keep my local newsagent in business with the amount of magazines I buy, I don’t have everything thats ever been printed! Sending US magazine page numbers is wasting your time (and mine) as I am in the UK. Keep those images filesizes small though.

      4. Because of the fast turnover online, I can only really help with current styles. I’m not a miracle worker, so if the shoe you want has been out of stock for years, or if your celebrity picture is three years old, the chances of my finding the exact shoe for sale online are slim to none. eBay is your friend, ladies and gents!

      5. Say please, you rude lot!

      I get a lot of emails with footwear questions and queries so I can’t guarantee an answer to every one. Sometimes you lot stump me, and sometimes I simply don’t have time. Shoewawa isn’t an advice site but obviously I like to help out our fabulous readers out! I try my best to answer as many questions as I can, but only on the site. Unless there are very special circumstances, I can’t answer by replying to the email – I know it’s a pain but if I did that, I’d have no time for Shoewawa itself, and where would we be then? By sending in a question, you’re giving your OK for it to be answered on the site.

      You can either send me a private message via my profile or post your questions directly on the forum!

      I must stress again that I’m sorry, but I cannot reply to all questions. This isn’t because I’m being mean, it’s because I have to get some sleep every now and then!

      Came straight to this page? Visit for loads more shoes!

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