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      Most of you know exactly how to use Shoewawa to fulfil your shoe-shaped needs, but we still get asked a lot of the same questions – where to buy the shoes we feature, how to email in a questions, who writes this crap – so we’ve finally got round to writing an exciting and slightly sarcastic FAQ page. All you’ve ever wanted to know about Shoewawa can be found here. May you never send us confused emails again…

      Who is Ms Shoewawa?
      Ms Shoewawa fashion journalist and blogger Gemma Cartwright. Various other shoe fiends also contribute to the site when Gemma is on holiday / out shopping / busy bossing people around. Their names will be at the bottom of the post in square brackets [] or listed below with a ‘posted by’ credit.

      Why is half the site written with ‘I’ and half with ‘We’?
      Who doesn’t like a change every now and then?

      Where can I buy the shoes you’re writing about?
      See the underlined, pink bits of text? They’re links. Click them. By magic you’ll be transported to the website that sells the shoe or tells you where you can buy it. Genius, isn’t it!

      Dear Sirs, I am interested in buying your shoes wholesale…
      We don’t sell shoes, we just talk about them. Two minutes looking round the site and you’ll realise that.

      I clicked a link, but it just took me to the homepage of the shop. How am I meant to find the shoe?
      The same way we did, by navigating to the footwear section. Some sites (Topshop, for example) don’t allow direct linking to product pages because they use vast amounts of flash or framing, so we have to link to the homepage instead. Yes, it annoys us too.

      I clicked a link to a shoe, but it’s not there. Where can I buy it now?
      If the shoe is gone from the site chances are it’s sold out, out of stock, or from a previous season. Check the date on the shoewawa post – we have archives going back years, so some of the shoes might be unavailable now. If the shoes are simply out of stock, try emailing or phoning the retailer for information. You’re always better off contacting the retailer or designer directly than expecting an answer from us – the Shoewawa inbox fills up very quickly and we’re not a stockists information line!

      I live in […insert country here…] but the shoe you featured is from […insert country here…]. Why can’t I buy it in my country?
      Shoewawa, in general, features shoes from the UK and the US only. This is because we are based in the UK, and most of our readers come from the UK or US. We do try to choose brands that ship internationally, but we can’t guarantee it. Sorry about that!

      I want […insert website here…] to ship internationally but they won’t. Please get them to ship to me!
      Sorry, we don’t have that kind of power. Maybe one day!

      i saw sum black boots on kate moss WHERE CAN I GET THEM I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!!!!??!!?
      If you have a picture, or can describe them in slightly better terms than just ‘black boots’, then send in an ‘Ask Ms Shoewawa’ question. But please be polite and write in full sentences. Gemma is fed of up SHOUTY EMAILS that don’t even say please! It makes sense to be nice to her if you want a favour. She’s not against taking bribes, either…on that note, she’s a UK 6.5 / EU 39/40 shoe. Just kidding!

      I sent a question to Ms Shoewawa but she didn’t email me back. Why?
      We get loads of questions and unfortunately Gemma can’t respond to them all personally. Sometimes she doesn’t have time to answer ALL the questions without turning Shoewawa into an advice page (or she gets stumped and can’t find the solution). We’re sorry if your question wasn’t answered.

      Do people pay to have their shoes featured on Shoewawa?
      No. People pay to advertise, but advertisements are easily recognisable as such. We pick the shoes we feature because we like them and we think our visitors will too (or because they’re ugly and sin and we think they’ll make you laugh). We like to think our site is so successful because it has some content and isn’t just full of billions of adverts.

      It’s got quite a few adverts though, hasn’t it?
      Well, think of it this way: most magazines have about fifteen pages of adverts in the front before you even get to the contents page, and you pay about £3 an issue for that! When you visit Shoewawa it costs you nothing and you see shoes the second the page loads. Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

      How can I get my shoe website / products on Shoewawa?
      For information on advertising, click here to buy a text ad at the top of the left hand column. If you’re feeling stingy and just want free press, then you need to sweet talk Gemma. Drop her a line with some information and / or a press release at Remember you must have a website or an online stockist we can link to. We only feature shoes, shoe accessories or things with shoes on. Note the key word there is ‘shoes‘.

      Why was my comment deleted?
      Leaving a note saying ‘sexy shoes’ with a link to your shoe retail website is not commenting, it’s spam advertising and none of us appreciate it. Sometimes Gemma will also delete bitchy comments that offend her. Why? Because she’s the boss and it’s a perk of her job!

      Will you do a link exchange?
      With interesting shoe / fashion blogs? Of course. Our links list is controlled by bloglinker, which you can sign up with to swap link with us. We do keep an eye on what is added though. If you’re not a blog, you’re of there!

      I’d like to start up a new blog. Can I use your ‘Ugly Shoe Of The Week’, ‘eBay Watch’, ‘Guess Where This Is From’, ‘Yay or Nay Wednesday’ (…etc) ideas?
      Well, we were hardly the first people to point out ugly stuff, link to ebay auctions or ask people to vote on something…but what’s the point of starting up a blog that’s exactly like Shoewawa? Think up your own, fresh ideas and you’ll probably get a lot more visitors!

      Does Gemma get shoes for free?
      Wouldn’t you like to know!

      Came straight to this page? Visit for loads more shoes!

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