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      If you’re a regular Shoewawa reader, you’ll be very much aware that most of my fellow writers (myself included) have not embraced the Croc shoe trend. Personally I find the very concept of chunky, waterproof, brightly coloured shoes with holes in them highly alarming, and the sight of them even more so. If you’ve ever been tempted by them though, or if, as watching a bad audition being judged by Simon Cowell you just have to look, carry on reading below to discover types of Crocs you could never have imagined existed!

      Starting with the Cayman, on the Crocs website you can get your hands on these unusual ‘Disney Pirates’ beach shoes. Admittedly I’ve only seen the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean but I’m fairly sure that I never saw Keira Knightley sporting a pair of these! $34.99 is how much they’ll cost you if you’re looking for an item of beachware that will guarantee you get the whole place to yourself!

      Slightly less offensive are these ‘Sassari’ wedges at Bloomingdales. Available in chocolate, red or black they are synthetic all the way and are US$49 . However, I am suspicious that when a website says ‘Please note W stands for woman’ about a pair of shoes, that should be a warning!

      Crocs also even do a line of ballet shoes! Jelly Egg are stocking the Prima shoe in the UK for just £17 which is nice and cheap. With colours ranging from celery (green) to sea foam (blue) they apparently weigh just ounces and have a non-slip sole.

      So ladies, are you tempted?!


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      Any guessess as to the croc count at Glastonbury this weekend – especially if its wet! I must admit that I wouldn’t actually vomit if I tried a pair of the wedges on – they don’t look too bad!

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      Just when I thought the Crocs situation couldn’t get any worse! By the way the other day I saw someone wearing them with black fishnet tights… could that be the worst fashion crime of the year, if not decade?!

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      I cannot believe how Crocs have taken over and how many people actually choose to wear them!! It is NOT fashionable to have a shoe in 1024701 different vibrant colors. And even worse:

      They now have embellishment to decorate the holes in the shoes. Definitely NOT right.

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      Definately I think crocs are the new shop window for everybody with -IMO- total absence of taste..! I mean for the ones liking them and (freak) dressing accordingly OK, but for the ones wearing them just because of the “fashion” (so-to-call-it) or not even giving a look at the atrocity “they are comfy” thing (and so are Keds!!) I simply cannot see any cure for their fashion souls… 😛

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      I hate to admit it, but I got a pair of the ballet flats for an outdoor music fest in the U.S., that’s notorious for being a mud pit. I was told that Crocs were the only way to go and I figured the ballet flats were the least offensive…

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