A reminder about The Shoe Individualiser a.k.a. the perfect shoe for you wannabe designers!

Here on Shoewawa, we haven’t talked this concept since 2005 (see link below) but I thought it was such a nifty idea that it deserves another mention. Have you ever wanted to find a shoe available for long feet, short feet, narrow feet, different sized feet, bunions, wide feet, in specific colours, for short legs, long legs, or wide calves or narrow calves? If so, carry on reading as ‘The Shoe Individualiser’ at Selve could be just what you’re after!

To be honest rather than this concept being named ‘The Shoe Individualiser’ it really makes you a shoe designer! This is such a fun game to play, and first of all you start with the type of shoe. For example, we have seasonal shoes, classic shoes or boots with choices of kitten heels, flats, T-bars, Mary Janes or strappy sandals. You can then choose between ostrich and metallics, suede, textures, calf and snakeskin, linings and even a choice of soles from heavy rubber, rubber, vibram and leather! To prevent problems with the accuracy of the colours on the website, you can even have swatches sent to you so that you can see them in the flesh!

Next up is sizing – and for all you lovely ladies who struggle to find shoes small or large enough, Selve can provide shoes in sizes UK 1-11! Your feet will be measured in a special scanner and then you try on a number of different shoes so that they can get a good idea of what’s comfortable and whether you prefer a looser or tighter fitting shoe.

You may well be surprised about how long it takes to make the shoes, too! Although time scales do vary, shoes are usually made within 6-8 weeks, and boots take a minimum of two months. Unsurprisingly, they don’t come cheap and many are around the £295 mark like the ‘Gloria’ shoe above, with boots costing around £450 (ouch) such as this ‘Charlotte’ pair but personally I think they’re worth it if high street and designer shoes just don’t work for you.

What do you think of the concept – great idea, or shoe faze?

What do you think?

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