Shoe gadgets: Smart Heel high heel protectors

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a nightmare with heels and shoe soles. I drag my feet all the time, and so despite the fact that in my head I am striding meaningfully down the high street, I am probably actually shuffling like a little old lady. Luckily, for my stiletto heels at least, there appears to be a solution from those clever shoe people I always imagine beavering away in tall tower blocks somewhere or other – these Smart Heel high heel protectors! Read on to hear more!

Having revealed my bad shoe habits to you lovely ladies, I suspect that it’s not just me who indulges in some slight heel abuse at times – after all; it sometimes can seem as though shoe designers are just interested in the aesthetics of the shoe rather than the fact that many of us have to wear them all day at work, on the train or even continuing to wear them out in the evening. Finally, a fellow fashionista from New York has come to our aid with the Smart Heel, a lady named Stacie Urbach. Unhappy with the appearance of her heels after their repair (and the extra expense such repairs caused) she came up with the concept of a heel protector. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use, particularly when dealing with everyday heel hazards such as escalator steps or road curbs.

In an attempt to make the Smart Heel as versatile as possible, it fits on to numerous different stiletto heel types and although it’s not recommended that you use the same protector on different heels but rather use one for each heel, this is partly because it has “memory” and is able to mold itself to fit a particular heel! It sounds fairly easy to attach, and you then simply customise the length of it to fit the height of your heel.

A major downside of the concept at the moment is the fact that while they cater for a range of sizes of stiletto heels, they still only work on stiletto heels – and a friend of mine in America says that she could only get them on the narrowest of her heels. However, the website does say that they are working on protectors for different heel styles too which will be released in the future.

So ladies, what do you think? Shoe genius, or shoe fad?!

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