If The Shoe Fits : Trainers – they really are just for the gym, you know…

Amber McNaught writes…

I realise I’m probably going to offend one or two of you at least by saying this, but I hate trainers. I know, I know: I edit Shoewawa, I live, eat and breathe shoes (note: not literally) and I should be open to all forms of footwear, right?

Well, yes, that’s true. But I just can’t help it. While I love heels, flats, platforms, peep toes, boots, and just about every other kind of shoe you could name, I just can’t bring myself to feel the trainer love. Oh, I buy them – when I absolutely have to – but buying a new pair of trainers doesn’t give me the same kind of thrill I get from bringing home a fabulous pair of heels, or some cute flats. In fact, it doesn’t give me any kind of thrill at all.

To my mind, trainers are for the gym, and only for the gym. Well, OK, I’ll expand this to include all sports, and anything else that requires a whole lot of running, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re definitely not a fashion item, and haven’t been since I was in high school, and everyone was competing to see whose parents would buy them the most expensive pair of trainers.

Trainers make me walk funny – all clumpy and springy, like a man. They make my feet feel sweaty and uncomfortable. The glaring whiteness of them distracts me on a long walks, when the trainers will flash in and out of my peripheral vision, reminding me that I paid good money for shoes that I hate (I don’t wear them often enough for them to be anything other than glaringly white, I’m afraid). Oh, I know they come in endless amounts of colours and styles, but here’s the thing: I’ve yet to encounter a single pair that made me swoon, the way that a great pair of stilettos does. Some are inoffensive, sure – buy they’re just not fun, and Lord knows, I like my footwear to be fun.

That’s not to say I don’t like the look of trainers on other people, of course. I know lots of women who can really pull them off, creating a cute, sporty look that I just can’t emulate, no matter how many times I try. Trainers don’t offend me – they just fail to bring me any joy, so I fear I’m destined to be a high heels girl forever more. Or a ballet flats girl. Any kind of girl, in fact, other than a trainers girl, because somehow I don’t think these irreconcilable differences will ever be resolved. Trainers and I just don’t get on. My style isn’t quite casual or laid back enough for them, and almost all of my outfits seem to call for more formal styles of shoe.

Is there a pair of trainers out there that will win my heart? Well, maybe. But until I find them, I’m going to be sticking to my pretty, non-rubber-soled footwear. If I want comfort, I’ll wear my slippers. If I don’t want to wear heels, I’ll wear flats. And if I want to go to the gym? Then, and only then, will I get out my trainers…

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Amber McNaught is the editor of Shoewawa. She still has the same pair of trainers she bought five years ago, and she’s not thining of changing them any time soon.

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  1. Puma has some really nice designs and the higher ranges come with all kind of technologies for anti-sweat, comfort, etc (i can tell! most of my trainers are Puma). anything to do with beautiful, stylish shoes but i’m sure you can find something not-so-nasty to your eyes there. if you ever take the moment to look at, that is… 🙂

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