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      Hello Shoewawa,
      Please help, I am due to take a holiday to California in December/January. As every day will be spent walking, shopping, exploring, I will need some flat boots to wear to go over or under jeans. I do like Uggs but am wondering if they are completely out of fashion now and what would be my most fashionable alternative? – Cassie

      As much as some of our readers will hate to hear this, Ugg boots are actually going through a bit of a renaissance in popularity this winter, and lots of stores on the high street are doing their own, super-cheap, copies. Personally, I say that if you like them, get them – rarely has there been a better time to pick up a pair of cheap lookalikes which you can get a winter’s wear out of before dumping!

      If you’re still not sure about Uggs, Sugar’s printed boots could be a good alternative, and are also very popular right now. Erin wrote about their ‘Origami’ boots last month, but there are lots of different prints to choose from, all of which come on comfortable, flat boots that will be easy to walk around in all day, and which won’t weigh down your suitcase too much, either.

      The boot shown above is the Graphic boot in Batik Blue, which is £29.99, but you’ll find lots of other options at UK site

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