Roll on fitness: Skorpion Quadlines from JJB Sports make fitness fun

So, day ten on the new years fitness slog and have I been successful? Well, I’ve joined a new gym, and actually been a couple of times. I’ve decided to only eat low fat frozen yogurt and say goodbye to Ben & Jerry’s and I’ve got myself a pair of Skorpion Quadlines to try out, to amp up my fitness regimen a notch. There are a lot of different shoes that claim to boost your fitness out there, but the Quadlines, £35 from JJB Sports have the added edge of actually being purely designed for exercise, not just trainers with a weird heel put on (M.B.T’s we’re talking about you). The shoes are a lot heavier than I expected, and extremely large as well; but once you have them strapped to your feet you feel like an earthbound Spiderman, with no surface out of your reach.

The skates come with an instructional DVD from pro skater Naomi Grigg where she gives tips and tricks on getting the best from them, which is a nice touch. The skates are a little tricky to strap on with rather stiff catches, the bonus being once they’re on, they stay on! You need to use them with trainers or boots, as the first test with ballet slippers proved pointless. The skates adjust to fit any shoe size due to a clever knob on the base, and they have a great range of movement. they’re so easy to use because of the innovative Quadcoil spring suspension system which delivers unsurpassed stability, directional control and steering. The wheels are made from high rebound urethane on an Italian crafted chrome hub, and they do look pretty hard core when on.

Best of all, they make exercise fun, and that’s why they get a definite thumbs up (a better butt and waist are just a bonus).

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