Second Life Shoes are Strangely Stylish


Now, I’ve never really been one for the Second life bandwagon, having, y’know, a life, but you can’t really ignore its huge effect with everything from fashion stores opening in it, to films being previewed there first. Naturally, should you be a player of the game, you want your character to be dressed to the nines, all the better to snag that second life boyfriend, so you want to keep your avatar togged out well. Little did I know a brief investigation into the stylish side of Second Life would bring up about a million web sites and stores dedicated to the style, everything from outlets to blogs just about this phenomenon.

 So where do I start? Well first off I was surprised by just how much of the fashion was actually attractive and wearable, and amazed when I coveted a virtual pair of shoes (see right) or how some of the sites had some really lovely looks going on. I like the Second Life freestyle blog, which allows you to update your avatar without paying, and the Sherpa style site even had hairstyles and makeup tips!

There are even online magazines dedicated to second life shoes and accessories, which is mind boggling. I have to say I am impressed with the quality and thought hat has gone into these designs as amongst the expected Xena style outfits are some lovely ensembles that wouldn’t look out of place IRL (In Real Life). Who thinks the next fashion step is for a virtual designer to become ‘real?’

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