Grass flip flops

81 per cent of Brits feel instantly relaxed when in contact with natural elements so Krispy Kreme has created the world’s first grass flip-flops – giving people their own mobile park underneath their feet regardless of their location.

I love you summer, I do, which is why I feel really rather bad picking on you. You have a lot of great qualities and I especially like it when you bring ol’ sunshine out to play. But you have to understand that you + London on a hot day = damp air/frizzy hair, hugging up to sweaty bodies on the tube and coping with sweaty feet which slide around in my shoes. Some days I think you’re the bees knees (usually when I’m laying in a nice park with a cool breeze and an icecream) but the reality is, most days, I’m actually smushed up against the tube door and that guy with the bad B.O. or sweating it out in the sauna that is our office.

What is the solution?? Read on to find out what Krispy Kreme came up with…

Lucky then, that Krispy Kreme (I know!) have taken this all into account and want to give us back a piece of that idyllic summer feeling no matter where you are. They’ve invented the first ever grass flip flops to give you that feeling of a stress-free stroll in the park, all while you’re rushing to and from work! The flip flops take around three weeks to grow, and with regular TLC and watering, can remain “in season” for up to four months.
Currently being handed out for free to London commuters, keep an eye out for these in other parts of the UK, as Krispy Kreme are hoping to get all you Brits in on this…

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