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      If you’re the kind of girl who lives in her heels, any occasion that requires you to switch to flats can cause problems – not least because all of your heel-length trousers and jeans are now way too long to wear without dragging along the ground!

      If you’re wearing jeans, it’s not so much of a problem – just roll ’em up, Katie Holmes style, and you’re good to go. If you’re wearing something made from a smoother fabric, however, that doesn’t always work, because the trousers will just come unrolled again after every few steps.

      Enter Zakkerz, with their temporary pant roll-ups. These are basically think strips of elastic with magnets in each end, which will hold your trousers up for you while you walk. No, it won’t be the best look you’ve ever worked, but these are supposed to be a “temporary” measure only: they’re designed for people who need to wear flats or trainers to walk to work, say, but who fully intend to change back into heels when they arrive, not for people who’re going be wearing flats all day, in which case buying a pair of trousers in the correct length is really the only acceptable option!

      The more accomplished among you could probably make a pair of these yourselves, if you wanted to, but the rest of us can pick up a pack of four at Shop Intuition.

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      Ugh those things will probably look hideous!

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