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      Bridalwave‘s Abi Silvester writes…

      Feet are funny things. I know loads of people whose shoe sizes fall outside the standard range, and even within it you’re likely to have problems: my own feet are a ‘petite’ size four but are so wide that I’m limited to a very restricted selection of styles and most people I know who take a half size are seldom happy with the fit of their footwear. And I can’t think of any worse occasion than one’s wedding day to be stuck with ill-fitting shoes…

      But setting aside the gripes we all have with our feet, let’s think for a moment of those who really can’t just go into a shop and buy a pair that’ll pretty much fit. The size two and size ten ladies who are sized out of the joy of shoe-purchases. Unthinkable isn’t it? But fortunately there are a few designers out there determined to ensure that they can get hold of a decent pair of wedding shoes.

      Thankfully, out-sized brides won’t need to resort to transvestite or kids’ shoes on their big day, as many popular bridal shoe brands like Rainbow Club come in small or big sizes, and you’ll find them stocked on several ‘standard’ websites. I know that High Society Bridal is currently stocking size 2 shoes in various styles and GirlsofElegance has loads of size 9 and 10 weddingy shoes here. Wedding Wishes’ Tiny and Tall section is also well worth a look.

      If you find all the styles here a little generic (they’re all perfect for weddings, but I haven’t seen anything that really made me go ‘wow’) one other option is, of course, to go bespoke. Bespoke Big Day make utterly fabulous wedding shoes specially to fit you, which is a dream come true for shoe lovers of any size.

      If you’ve not bought ‘designer’ shoes before, you may also be pleased to hear that many of the big names are available in a wide range of sizes. I know that Christian Louboutin does size 9 and a quick look at the website Large Size Designer Shoes reveals that he’s not alone. Smaller-footed ladies who want to look stylish, meanwhile, should check out Cinderella of Boston. Why not make this an excuse to go for the shoe purchase of your dreams?

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      Thanks so much for the tips! Will these shoes be okay for flat feet? I am getting married soon too and finding wedding shoes for small flat feet is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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      Ugh, buying shoes for weddings is such a pain.. especially as your only ever going to really wear them once and that’s it. I wonder if going barefoot isn’t too much of a fashion faux pas.

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