Bombay Duck: Shoe Storage

There’s very little point in splashing out lots of money on lots of gorgeous shoes if you’re just going to chuck them in the bottom of your wardrobe or a pile in the corner of your room. Not only does it look ugly, but it can cause a lot of damage to heels, soles and those delicate little touches.

Taking care of your shoes doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. You’ve probably heard of using polaroid pictures on the outside of shoe boxes to keep your shoes organised and easy to find. Great, but not exactly the kind of thing you want in your boudoir.

Bombay Duck are here to the rescue with their range of cute storage solutions to fit any budget. This set of 3 designer shoe boxes on the right is the perfect size for storing away your summer shoes for the next few months. They’re £29.36 for the whole set.

shoestorage1.jpgThese ones are a bit more subtle than the designer boxes, although it might be best not to stare at the striped ones for too long…

They’re £29.36 for the set of 3, and I’d be tempted to get both sets as a bit of a mix and match thing.

shoebags.jpgThese shoes bags are genius for saving space. Pop your flats in them and sling them on the back of your door! They’re satin too for a bit of a luxurious edge, perfect for the bedroom! They’re £14.68 each.

Now is the best time to grab one of these as Bombay Duck currently have a discount code for 20%. Just pop FAB2 in the discount box at the checkout.

Do you have any good storage ideas for keeping your footwear organised?

What do you think?

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