Top 5: Shoe Inspired Accessories

What do you get the girl who has got more shoes then sense? Shoe accessories! Or rather, accessories covered in or shaped like a pair of sultry heels.

Top of my list are the ‘Foot in the Door’ doorsteps on the right. No more slamming doors with these footwear inspired door wedges, which are a much classier alternative to the usual cheese style wedges.

They’re £6.99 from and come in red or black.

More fabulous footwear accessories to come:

Comedy cartoonist Edward Monkton creates yet another shoe inspired selection of stationery. This book features the offbeat poetry inspired by the love between a lady and her shoes.

You can buy the book from here for £6.99

This pink ‘Shoe Fund’ money pot  is £18.50, and comes from the Terramundi range of money pots. The thing that’s special about these pots is that you have to smash it open to access the money, and you can only smash it once it’s full otherwise it’s bad luck!

Bombay Duck have a whole selection of Door Mats dedicated to the humble shoe. Only problem is, they’re too pretty to actually wipe your feet on.

They’re £19.99 each, and come in 4 different designs.

Finally, we’ve got the shoes that are literally good enough to eat. Shoe Biscuits! Nom nom nom.

They’re from here and you’ll receive 24 sparkly shoe biscuits in a vintage tin for £39.50.

What do you think?

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