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    According to a recent study by YouGov for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, up to 80% of women suffer foot problems of some sort, including cracked heels, bunions and fallen arches.

    Hardly surprising considering the amount of time we spend in killer keels and slouchy boots. Those of us who live in heels tend to rely on blister plasters and highheel insoles. But anyone who is on their feet all day, like nurses, sportsmen and anyone working in retail, will need something a little more advanced.

    Glamorous they’re not, but the Nuovahealth footbeds provide a custom fit regardless of the size or shape of your feet.

    Wondering how they work?

    The footbeds mould to the shape of your foot, so you get a personalised fit for your shoe and foot. The footbed is shaped to support your arch and length of your foot, allowing you to fully recover quickly from any foot pain.

    After testing them out, they do indeed make walking for a long length of time a lot comfier. They’re fairly thick insoles, so it’s worth considering buying your shoes in a slightly large size to accommodate them.

    If you fancy using them, you can get them from around £10 from the nuovahealth website. They come with a 30 day guarantee and are available in three levels of thickness, so it should be fairly straightforward finding the perfect insole for your feet.

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