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      As any shoe fan will tell you, keeping your feet pampered and protected will not only prepare them for long shopping trips and dancefloor appointments, but will also ensure that they look pretty for all those open toed sandals that we’ll start to see in the shops soon.

      Nuovahealth, a brand well known for their selection of shoe care products, have a range of products that aim to make the business of heels as comfortable as possible. You’ve probably tried out a pair of gel cushions in your shoes before to relieve the pressure pain, and Nuovahealth have four different styles for different areas of your feet. They kindly sent a few along for me to try out, and they definitely make a difference.

      Gym bunnies might like this selection of Fresh Ins which provide a thin and lovely smelling layer to soles of your shoes.

      I also got to try out the Quick ‘n’ Clean wipes, which have now become a handbag staple. You can use them to remove any tough stains, giving them a freshly polished appearance at all times.

      Overall, the range seems a lot cheaper then some of the competition, so it’s worth a look.

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