Suffer from cheesy feet? Don’t worry, you’re in fashion!

We’ve seen some pretty strange shoes recently (remember the Madonna shoes we featured recently?). But a pair made of cheese pretty much hits the top of the crazy list.

Created by Lisa Dillon from Bath Spa University, they’re designed using bread and West Country cheese. The heel of the shoe is made from a block of cheese, while the rest of it is fashioned from…well, a mouldy cheese sandwich. Yum.

Fancy checking out the shoes in real life? They’ll be on display at The Royal Bath and West Show from 1-4 June at the Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

A member of the Aigua team suggested Lady Gaga might want to pair these quirky shoes with her meat dress, for the full cheeseburger look…

Source: SWNS

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