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      Answer: probably.

      Or at least we hope so because these 14-karat gold limited-edition handwoven shoelaces are apparently the world’s first. And they cost $19,000. That’s nearly £12,000 at today’s exchange rate.

      If you’re unsure whether to part with enough cash to buy ten Chanel 2.5’s – or 17,588 Cadbury’s Freddos – Mr Kennedy (the designer of said shoelaces who is no relation to the ex-president as far as we know) promises to lace them for you anywhere in the world.

      Oh, and don’t worry if you can’t quite stretch to £12,000, the silver version will only set you back £3k.

      We’ll have a pair of each.

      Mr Kennedy’s precious metal shoelaces are available at

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      They look okay, but why pay so much for something that looks just as thought someone has spray painted gold paint on them. Although I guess never having to lace you shoes and just get Mr Kennedy to do them for you whenever you want is a bonus lol!

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