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      Are we all done eating our lunch now? ‘Cause this one’s a little gruesome. It’s the state of a model Sojourner Morrell’s foot after a punishing schedule of catwalk shows.

      After seeing this and similar images, I vowed that I would never again complain about the pain of queuing for shows in heels, or indeed the misery of Fashion Week ‘Flu.

      Models are the ones that really suffer the physical impact of a week (or in many cases over a month) of non-stop shows, and this picture taken at Louis Vuitton’s recent show highlights the damage only too well. Click the image to enlarge it if you really want to…

      Aside from the obvious bruising and discoloration, it strikes me that this shoe is at least a size too small for its wearer, and I’m guessing that this was not the first occasion that this poor girl has had to squeeze into ill-fitting heels.
      We need to address this issue at the design level. Surely damaged feet are more unsightly than even the ugliest of shoes?

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