Ugly Shoe of the Week: driving a wedge…


Wedges are a funny beast: they can look great, and there’s no doubt that they’re on trend at the moment; a godsend for those of us who’ll admit to liking a little comfort in our footwear. But they are also disturbingly easy to mess up without a strong design talent in charge as these beige shoes from No Name illustrate only too well.

I think that the style would work if the height was cut down by just an inch or so and if that horrible leopard trim was completely absent from the picture. The materials themselves are obviously good quality, and the triple velcro strap is not in itself ugly; fine for casual wear. But what is going on around the ankle? They are pushing hiking shoe territory with those eyelets, and don’t get us started up again on the trim.

Like them? Actually like them? Buy them at Zalando, where they’ll set you back £150, you strange person…

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