Christian Louboutin Samira Strass

Christian Louboutin continues to amaze and dazzle us with his endless stream of shoes to die for, and there’s no better time than party season to wear (or admire from afar) his more sparkly numbers. Our current crush is this edition of the Strass heel: a gemstone-encrusted beauty that seems to shimmer in every colour of the rainbow. We imagine this means it would be easy to wear with anything: like a black shoe in its versatility, but infinitely more intriguing!Mostly blue but with that gorgeous variegated tone, the shimmery stones cover the entire shoe. The blue tint has made it a popular choice with brides, and we can think of no better excuse than to equip yourself with a gorgeous pair of Louboutins. Personally I’m just going to gaze in awe at this style, which is priced at $3,095 (approximately £2K) at the official site. Ooh la la.

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