Trainer Tuesday: Social Media sneakers

Social Media is a huge part of our lives, and we all have our favourite hangouts: all of the Shoewawa team are self-confessed Twitter addicts, and if you’re not already reading our tweets you really ought to get on board here to make sure you’re in the loop on all the latest footwear alerts, competitions and sales! While we’re on the subject, we’ve gone completely barmy for these Twitter-themed trainers, mocked up by a footwear fan to look like Adidas Superstars, incorporating the familiar bird design and pale baby blue colour scheme.

The Twitter theme and logo are a beautiful design and what’s more, the pale blue is going to be big for S/S 2012. But there are plenty more internet-themed sneakers out there for you to choose from if you’re not a “twit”. Check out Adidas’ Facebook Superstars from the same imaginary range:

“Like” that? As in the Twitter shoe, our wannabe designer has taken the most recognisable aspects of the theme and created a neat and streamlined homage. But they’re not the only trainer company to get in on the Social Media action: check out what Nike have done with the Google colours in this geeky version of the classic dunk shoe:

We’re not sure we’d wear this one: it’s a bit louder than the Addidas styles, but it certainly captures the look of the classic Google homepage! All it needs really is a search box and perhaps a nifty navigation system using maps to guide you to wherever you want to go: then we’ll be impressed.

They’ve also made these Firefox-themed trainers, featuring the orange and blue colour scheme and fox logo. I’m not sure why you’d want to show allegiance to your chosen web browser in quite the same way as you might want to be part of a Social Media ‘tribe’, but can’t help finding it interesting that there’s no Internet Explorer trainer to be found anywhere!

Finally, we couldn’t forget the Apple brigade, although somehow we suspect most of them are normally to be found in Converse! Nike has paid homage to the iconic brand with these slate grey hi dunks, printed with a simple Apple logo at the back. Suitably smart and understated, they definitely have the Mac vibe!

Which tech brands would you like to wear on your feet?

What do you think?

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