Ugly Shoe of the Week: Seasick sandals

They’re terribly on trend we agree, but it’s mainly the mismatch between unutterably clonky sole and astonishingly high price tag that leaves us cold over these shoes. There are platforms and there are platforms (and also, of course now flatforms) but this ‘boat style’ sole has never looked good, and decorating it with sea-horses really doesn’t help.

In case you’re wondering how much the jet-setting cruise customer is handing over for this style, it’s an eye-watering £880 over at Net-a-Porter. The words ‘more money’ and ‘sense’ spring to mind. The only time I can imagine wanting to don a pair of these crimes against shoe-manity would be in the presence of an over-long maxi skirt that needed lifting off the ground – at least that way nobody would see them.

Do you agree that this style needs to go in the sin-bin of shoes? Let us know below.

What do you think?

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