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      We’re having a hard and bitter winter here in the UK, and the chances of our favourite warm and cosy boots coming out the other end unscathed are sadly pretty slim. Materials like soft sheepskin are a godsend in the cold, but they don’t always wear well outdoors and can often end up looking pretty battered. How can you make sure that your Uggs see another season?

      How to clean Ugg boots after exposure to water or snow

      1. Start by using a stiff brush to remove any surface grim and dirt: skipping this step will only result in your rubbing in this dirt later on!

      2. Gently scrub the boot with a slightly damp cloth. Try to use as little water as possible, as the moisture will get into the material and cause the boot to stretch.

      3. Scrunch up some old newspaper and use it to pad out the boots so they return to their original shape.

      4. Leave the boots aside in a cool, dry place, with the newspaper still inside, for 24-48 hours. Don’t leave them in the sun or attempt to use heat to dry out the boots as this will damage the leather – causing it to wrinkle and stretch.

      Your boots should now be looking a bit less sorry for themselves and ready to see you through another winter!

      Don’t forget that strictly speaking, Ugg-style boots should not be worn in rain or snow, but since these are the times we most want to wear them, it’s worth bearing these tips in mind for next time. You might also want to apply a sheepskin protector to keep them as resilient as possible.

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      I really ought to have read this a couple weeks ago when I washed my uggs in the washing machine… they came out basically looking like road kill!

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