Ugly Shoe of the Week: Stringy shocker

Bits of string on shoes. What’s that all about? In our experience, excess thread is generally supposed to be artfully tied around the ankles, and usually appears on espadrilles and other shoes you’d only ever really get away with on a resort. The look is not to be encouraged at the best of times, even if we do turn a blind eye to it on holiday. But in the context of these leather flats, it’s frankly incomprehensible…

Sadly, The Outnet (which is where these unfortunate shoes have now washed up) does not provide a model shot, so we can’t ever be sure how you are supposed to wear these shoes, or arrange the errant lacing. So our most sincere advice is simply that you don’t. Do yourself a favour and spend the £162.50 on something else – preferably a style that’s easier on the eye and probably the feet, too: that jutting section at the ankle looks like it wouldn’t half chafe… This week’s Ugly Shoe of the Week is brought to you by LD Tuttle. If you actually like it, you can pick up a pair of your very own here.

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