Ugly Shoe of the Week: the shoe that swears so you don’t have to

We’ve seen some pretty ‘offensive’ specimens in our continuing mission to track down the world’s most hideous shoes, but none have taken the ugly brief quite so literally as this one. What’s worse, not only will their attitude shock you, the price tag might do too: they retail for an inexplicable $1,100 (approx £689). Now that’s what we call obscene…

Created by New York-based designer Massimo Dogana, the shoes are certainly not for the shrinking violets among us. We know that Ashanti has a pair, as she was spotted wearing them during New York Fashion Week last autumn. Classy! Perhaps someone should now tell Rihanna about them? She certainly seems to appreciate swear words on shoes!

What do you think of the shoes. Would you be comfortable wearing what amounts to an obscene publication on your feet?

[Via Such is Life]

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