Ugly Shoe of the Week: Beige bombshell

We’ve certainly seen uglier and more offensive items of footwear in this section, but it has to be said that that these heeled loafers have crept a little bit too close to the ugly stick for our liking. The leather shockers, which are made by a brand called Schumacher, would sound great on paper (heeled loafers are still high in our estimation) but the execution just doesn’t work…

Perhaps it’s the shininess of the leather used, perhaps it’s the way everything is a little bit too neatly moulded together, reminding us a little of a jelly. Maybe it’s the material used to make the heel, which looks way too orthopedic to even be orthopedic chic (and yes, I’m afraid that is a look this season). Maybe it’s the cut of the tassels or the choice of colour itself, which is just a little to yellowish to be smart. We really don’t know what went wrong here, but we certainly wouldn’t want it within a mile of our precious feet.

If you actually like them and would like to purchase a pair, you can do so at Dress for Less where (surprise surprise) their price has been slashed from a positively audacious £399 to a still-incomprehensible £179 here. Perhaps the photo just makes them look bad?

What do you think?

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