Ugly Shoe of the Week: Maggot heels

There seems to be a bit of a cult of ugly shoes at the moment: flatforms, deformed-looking Lady Gaga-style shoes, cloven hoof shoes, orthopedic things on the catwalk…one might even hypothesize that ugliness was a quality that designers were deliberately pursuing at the moment. I’d argue that this was manifestly true, but whatever you think there’s no denying that these ‘maggot’ shoes were not designed to be beautiful…

In fact, they weren’t even designed to be worn. Their purpose is to make the point that women’s shoes are often unwearable and painful. They were made by German sculptor Svenja Ritter, who clearly isn’t a lover of Louboutins…the “maggots” are made from acrylic, and polystyrene.

What do you think?

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