Ugly Shoe of the Week: Dougal sandals


I feel a bit bad about constantly picking on flatform shoes in this columm. I don’t think they’re fundamentally hateful, and even own a few pairs of my own – they’re great in summer, and a good way to make sandals higher. Anything that lifts my 5″1 figure a few inches off the ground is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Yet here we are again with a flatform style that should never have made it off the designer’s sketchpad. Behold Ego and Greed’s fringed platform for ASOS – or as we’ve affectionately called it – Dougal!

There’s no denying that this monstrous creation bears a striking resemblance to the Magic Roundabout’s canine character. Here he is pictured above, looking like he’s in danger of getting a little too friendly with the shoe. We don’t want him getting any closer, as the prospect of a crossbreed simply doen’st bear thinking about…

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