Ugly Shoe of the Week: Pole position

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘stripper shoe’ this unfortunate creation from – we assume – Las Vegas has been brought to our attention as a contender in our ‘ugliest shoe of all time’ quest, brought to you with as much shock and awe as we can muster every Thursday lunchtime. There’s quite a lot wrong with these shoes, so let’s take a breath and count the ways…

For starters, it is trying to be trendy – a stunt that no ugly shoe should ever pull – by being made from what looks like imitation pale wood and being structured in a sort of Jeffrey Campbell-esque ‘heelless’ wedge style. Unfortunately though they’ve then gone and added a heel anyway, and what a ‘statement’ heel it is…

The statement in this instance is a bit of a hard one to fathom, because we can’t image a female wearer wanting to wear a nude woman’s plastic body on her feet. Could they work for actual strippers perhaps? Probably not, unless the wearer wants to compete with her own footwear, which makes no sense.

We’re sure a man designed it. And his name was not Monsieur Louboutin. Next!

What do you think?

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