Ugly Shoe of the Week: ASOS scarf-tie sandals

Sorry ASOS, but we’re really not very impressed with what you’ve done here. In fact, if we were lolcats, we’d have to describe this piece of footwear oddness as “fail”. This shoe is fail. Need we go into any more detail about what’s wrong with it? Of course not, but as usual, we can’t resist picking this one apart piece by ugly piece…

First there’s that nightmarish print on the platform: yes, neons are in. Yes, dodgy acid patterns are also acceptable in moderation this summer, but that doesn’t mean plastering them on the largest part of a garment – particularly not if you’re going to use an eye-stinging pale yellow neon that looks as if it’s already faded.

Then there’s that icky ‘scarf’ ribbon tie at the top. Yes, it’s a matter of taste, but I’ve never been a fan of ribbon ties on shoes. They look scruffy as hell and more often than not, they make the shoes absolutely impossible to walk in, too.

Finally, and perhaps the ugliest detail of all: these shoes retail at £65! That’s a lot of money for any pair of flimsy summer shoes, so quite how they expect to sell these uggers at that price is beyond us. Pass the sick bucket! Or if you actually like them, snap up a pair of your very own at ASOS.

What do you think?

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