Ugly Shoe of the Week: ‘Killer’ heels!

We’ve seen some ugly shoes in our time – some so heinous they bring tears to the eyes, but this has got to be the first piece of footwear that might actually give us nightmares.This looks like what could happen if one of Lady Gaga’s performance shoes came alive: it’s the stuff of horror movies, and while we only have this one photograph to go on, those canine teeth do look disturbingly realistic…

The craftsmanship that’s gone into making these shoes is obviously pretty exceptional so we don’t want to diss whoever dreamed them up and put them together – but we’re not sure we’d want to actually wear them on our feet. That said, with all those spikes and attitude a pair of shoes like this could actually come very much in handy over the next few weeks’ expected overcrowding and chaos on London’s transport system…

Source: Facebook. If anyone knows where they originated we’d really love to know!

What do you think?

Written by shoewawa

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  1. Those are some whacky heels! Walking down the street ina pair of those and people would instantly think you have mental problems.

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