Ugly Shoe of the Week: Uh-oh, Buffalo…

Remember the 90s? Remember those awful stacked-up shoes that people used to wear with tightly-fitting dresses and loon pants? Well apparently they’re back, which if you have any concept of style you’ll want to be a bit selective about which elements you really want to re-visit. And perhaps I’m unusual in this, but super chunky Buffalos are one I’d be happy to leave firmly in my past.

Others clearly feel differently about this flashback though, because styles like this eyesore are selling in high street chains for upwards of £100. Really? Yup. This shoe, which looks like it’s crossed between a leopard and a hamburger is available in Office now and quite frankly it’s making our eyes bleed. Please do the right thing and don’t wear this in public, ‘kay?

Or if you’re actually turned on by this beast, you can buy it here for £129!

What do you think?

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